Why you should be BULLISH on $VEMP in 2022!

If we look at the price of $VEMP on the 1st of January 2022 compared to now (22/03/22), we can see that there has been a 79% decrease. This has left many within the vEmpire community confused because since the new year, we’ve done nothing but add both value and utility to the $VEMP token.

There’s no denying that $VEMP has seen better days. The token has been on a steady decline since the start of the year and factors like the overall state of the market, global geopolitical issues and the constant changing of narrative have not helped either.

So, in this article we’re going to explore what we believe has caused this significant downtrend and why we believe that investors should remain bullish on $VEMP.

vEmpire DDAO is the world’s largest decentralized Metaverse investment organization that features industry leading staking pools, play-to-earn games, virtual event organization and a GameFi-focused incubator. We are the world’s first application that enables investors to earn passive income on their Metaverse crypto, paying yields in both $VEMP and the original token staked, and we’re also the largest decentralized virtual real estate owner currently operating in the industry.

As an investment organization alone, our first mover advantage has enabled us to purchase digital assets and virtual real estate in prime locations on some of the most adopted Metaverse platforms in the industry at roughly 90% below current market value.

As a DeFi protocol, we enable investors to earn passive income on their assets paying dual yield interest.

As a GameFi protocol, we’ve successfully developed an NFT based trading card game with P2E mechanics and we already have two other games in development.

As you can see, we’ve built utility and provided value to our community on multiple fronts, enabling us to become omnipresent across all aspects of the Metaverse.

However we believe that the best way to present value is to look at hard facts and figures that simply cannot be subjective or refuted. Below is a list of some of our most promising achievements so far…

These facts show that since our inception, we’ve managed to create and distribute wealth to groups of investors whose crypto would’ve collected dust if otherwise not made productive…

But as informative as facts and figures are, they only tell one side of the story. To get a true accurate representation on how undervalued $VEMP is, we need to compare the price, market cap & utility from when we first launched to now.

On the 29th of September, the price of $VEMP was $0.055 USD. Our staking platform had just launched and we had an initial TVL of $2.75 million USD. We had just made our first secondary payment to the ETH strategy and we only owned two parcels of virtual land — one in Decentraland and one in The Sandbox.

At present, the price of $VEMP is roughly 21% lower than on the 29/9/21, sitting at around $0.043. This is remarkable considering we have multiple different staking capabilities with secondary yields being paid on five out of six strategies, a P2E NFT based trading card game with two more in development, a total of $20 million USD owned assets and a TVL of $10 million.

This is a concrete sign that the price of $VEMP is very undervalued and we believe that this is most likely down to uncontrollable factors like market sentiment, global geopolitical unrest and narrative fluctuations which has caused immense FUD.

But why should investors still be bullish?

The value proposition is simple. By holding and staking $VEMP investors can STILL gain fractional exposure to the Metaverse’s most lucrative and promising investment opportunities that are typically out of reach to the average investor.

On top of this, investors can re-stake their interest earned to compound their rewards, which will lead to exponential growth yields.

Purchasing $VEMP at todays prices will be seen as one of the best opportunities for investment in the future because you’re effectively getting in at a 90% discount from our all time high when the protocol is theoretically ten times more valuable…

And what’s more is that we have A TON of big news coming up…

We recently announced that the $VEMP token will be included in three of Plethori’s Metaverse ETFs. This news is MASSIVE… Not only will it enable thousands of new users to gain liquid exposure to traditionally very illiquid assets, introducing thousands of new investors to the vEmpire protocol, but it will also be accessible for third party fund managers to include in their custom ETFs on V2 of Plethori’s ETFX.

This will contribute to increased $VEMP trading volumes and unique holder count and the partnership will also universally contribute to reducing $VEMPs liquid supply and increasing $VEMPs buying pressure due to new demand.

On top of this we’ve also got our second NFT series launching soon (round one now complete & round two launching on April 7th) that will enable investors to earn passive income, paid in $VEMP, from the game fees of “vEmpire: The Beginning”. This is significant because it will enable investors who’re already bullish on $VEMP to passively acquire more $VEMP over time thats likely to be locked up due to the financial incentives of staking.

Effectively, this will enable $VEMP to flow into strong hands which will also contribute to reducing liquid supply on marketplaces…

Finally we are continuing to expand our integrations and partnerships with other innovative networks and projects to add more value and utility to holding, and more importantly staking, the $VEMP token.

It’s obvious that the $VEMP token is tremondously undervalued. In fact we cannot quite fathom how low the price has gone considering everything we’ve been building and working on.

For short-term perspectives, the recent price action is disastrous. However for those with a more long term investment horizon the previous few months have acted as a great accumulation phase to pick up some more $VEMP at up to 90% discounts!

Whether the price of $VEMP will go up or down now we don’t know. However we find it extremely hard to see how this project can get even more undervalued. We can’t make price predictions and we never will provide any investment opinion or advice. But what we will say is that we will continue to add utility to our assets and continue to build to remain “King of Decentralized Metaverse Investment”.

To stay up to date with the latest news and announcements, follow us on Twitter.

The vEmpire Team ❤️



The leading permissionless on-chain gaming investment studio. All links here 👉 http://VEMP.xyz/info

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The leading permissionless on-chain gaming investment studio. All links here 👉 http://VEMP.xyz/info