We’re now on a first-name basis, VEMP.

We are excited to announce that vEmpire DDAO is undergoing a rebrand and will now be known as VEMP. This change reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of the blockchain industry.

So, what’s new?

  • New logo

New Branding

The term vEmpire came from ‘Virtual Empire’, however, since our TGE in August 2021 many members of our community, old and new, have shortened our name to just our ticker, VEMP.

Our vEmpire logo was becoming a little old, so we’ve gone bold and bright with our new logo.

Our logo, with its upwards arrow, signifies our commitment to making positive web3 acquisitions.

Our vision

While our name will be changing, our core values aren’t. As written in our whitepaper, our main objective is to lower the barrier to entry for users in the Metaverse. In addition, we want to help onboard new users and web2 brands into the web3 gaming & metaverse space.

To help us steer new users we have refined our acquisition model. Over the coming year, we will be integrating new blockchain games into the VEMP ecosystem. Which will add more utility and value to our token.

One of the main reasons for this strategic decision is that we firmly believe web3 gaming and metaverse will be the primary avenue for mass adoption of web3. At present, web3 games are not of the same quality as their web2 counterparts, however, when blockchain gaming reaches equal quality with time, traditional gamers have no incentive to continue with their traditional games.

Web3 allows for:

  • More control through self-custody

Think back to all the changes you wanted to make with a certain map, feature, player, in-game item, skin, etc. If it needed to be buffed or nerfed. While the game developers were focused on features and additions from the executives, whose motivations are to extract maximum value from players, the real players knew the things to fix and when.

The everyday players should and will have the power to have a say in these things with web3. From this, the players will be an integral part of the development and improvement processes so that changes can be made faster and better, bringing meaning back to the phrase gaming for the players, by the players.

Bear markets are for building, and we will continue to do so. With our new brand going alongside our new games, new bridges, partnerships and more, we are ready to take 2023 to new heights, no matter the market conditions.


The rebrand to VEMP represents an exciting new chapter for our company. With a new logo, updated colour palette, and refined acquisition model, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the blockchain industry. Our focus on gaming as the primary entry point for web3 adoption reflects our belief that web3 technology offers numerous benefits for gamers, including more control, ownership, and decision-making power. We are confident that our focus on gaming will help us make web3 more accessible and enjoyable for all. We look forward to continuing to work towards our mission of lowering the barrier to entry for any individual into web3.

Here’s to the year ahead, and remember #CompoundVEMP

Share this announcement with your followers to show them you were with $VEMP before the rebrand and restructuring and share your thoughts in the comments below. #VEMPOG



The leading permissionless on-chain gaming investment studio. All links here 👉 http://VEMP.xyz/info

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The leading permissionless on-chain gaming investment studio. All links here 👉 http://VEMP.xyz/info