Weekly Roundup, 09 September 2022

  • We have 2 more members of the team going to upcoming events like ETH Berlin and Dappcon, so if you are there, say hi to the vEmpire team!
  • We have made a few partnerships over the last week, including a venture deal with Warp Game, a NFT GameFi protocol and Kairon Labs who will help us add more liquidity and depth to our CEX’s
  • Our ventures team is continuing to push potential ventures through the pipeline to find the best upcoming projects
  • Our asset report has received overwhelming feedback from the community, our numbers have reflected our hard work and how truely undervalued vEmpire is.
  • Working on onboarding some new copywriters to the vEmpire Team
  • We have released a few teasers of our The Sandbox Alpha and it is looking great, we are a sure contender for the most high-quality alpha out of the entire Sandbox.
  • Working on helping onboard web2 companies to the web3 world using our experience, connections and expertise.
  • We are regularly pushing out big announcements that sometimes go under the radar, to be sure you are caught up with all the latest news, join our Telegram!
  • Our latest podcast featured the first episode of our macro-economy series, this is where a member of the vEmpire team goes on with Dom to talk about the macro outlook of TradFi, Crypto and everything in between! Last episode got over 1000 views after only 1 hour of posting, do NOT miss the next one.

Project Development

  • Our BUSD Proposal to change our USDC pool to BUSD has passed with 100% approval rate!
  • The $CULT vote for more VEMP allocation has passed also with 100% approval, we have initiated an OTC deal to provide them with their 13 ETH worth of VEMP!
  • We recently hosted a Twitter Spaecs with our Ventures team and InfluenceETH which turned out to be great! We have a few more coming up so make sure you have followed us on Twitter to keep updated with ALPHA!
  • Our The Sandbox LAND giveaway has concluded, a winner has been chosen and has received the NFT
  • We tripled our SAND rewards on our staking platform, use the link at the bottom to grab some extra yield!
  • We are officially hosting a metaverse party inside The Sandbox, this will feature Luke Franks, a professional DJ, talks from the most well-known figures in the space, activities and competitions for our attendees! Don’t miss out!
  • We also launched our Sandbox NFTs, including different cosmetic items that may be available in our experience, we have different rarities listed with the most rare ‘vEmpire Golden Sword’ already sold out! Go quick and grab one!


  • We are almost finished with our new website, expect an announcement soon and keep up to date on our socials
  • We introduced some new vEmpire team stickers on Telegram, join our channel and check them out!
  • Continuing to work with other projects for cross community collabs
  • Still releasing our daily newsletters as well as our Chinese newsletter which have both received great feedback.
  • Making useful and fruitful connections with other projects in the industry at events and through our mutual connections
  • Recently, there has been so many big players in the space talking about vEmpire, this is a direct result of the work we have put in to make the project look as attractive as possible.
  • We are ensuring we have constant exciting announcements for our followers, discord and telegram members, our socials have been very active with reminders and announcements so please follow!
  • If you want to listen to our podcast while your driving or going for a run, go to our spotify and check out our podcasts there, hit follow so you never miss the never ending VEMP alpha


  • We want to know from our community — who would you like to see on TBCS, tag your favourite founders, Twitter folk, or even members of our team to come on for a live chat and answer any questions.
  • We are still running our LAND giveaway for our community, enter fast, it ends today!
  • Our discord and telegram are filled with friendly and knowledgeable people to help you better understand vEmpire, join and become a part of our community!
  • We are aiming to make our community the strongest in crypto, that means we are going to start providing you with power and responsibility through our new DDAO structure. With this comes incentives, but more importantly, conviction, you will be a part of vEmpire and have impacting power on our decisions. Stay tuned on our socials for more updates on this.
  • In the future, our community is going to have access to incredible benefits like exclusive access to activities and airdrops, opportunities to contribute to the vEmpire project, be included in collaborations with different projects and have the chance to win prizes in tournaments. We try to deliver the utmost value to our community so that we can create a loyal and engaged following, as we grow, the rewards and size of the community will also, get established early to solidify your role within our amazing team.

vEmpire DDAO Socials:

Linktree: https://t.co/ivKTzVYOQj
Telegram: https://t.co/phc2WQz8kF
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vEmpireDDAO

Team Socials:

Liam: https://twitter.com/oat_es
Dom: https://twitter.com/dominicVEMP
Mike: https://twitter.com/Remus_vEmpire
Estefano: https://twitter.com/estefanoVEMP
Harvey: https://twitter.com/HarveyWoods
Petar: https://twitter.com/PiGamification
Jack: https://twitter.com/jackdolbs



The leading permissionless on-chain gaming investment studio. All links here 👉 http://VEMP.xyz/info

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The leading permissionless on-chain gaming investment studio. All links here 👉 http://VEMP.xyz/info