vEmpire X BigTime Tournament

Aren’t you tired of all the talk about games in the metaverse but everything seems to happen outside of the actual games? Don’t you want some excitement within the games themselves? Well, we’ve got a special tournament that just might spice things up a bit!

We’re organising a pocket watch level-up tournament where players will need to show the moderators of the event a level 0 pocket watch that they’re going to level up for the next 48 hours! The 5 people that manage to gain the most levels and XP with their pocket watch will share the prize pool of $777.

What’s the catch? Sign ups will happen LIVE while you’re in the game! You should still be a member of our Discord of course, otherwise we won’t be able to reward you ;)


Sign up starts on 25.11 (Friday) from 19:00 GMT until 21:00 GMT.
The tournament ends on 27.11 (Sunday) at 21:00 GMT


1st prize — 300$
2nd prize — 200$
3rd prize — 150$
4th prize — 100$
5th prize — 27$

For all participants: Not part of the top five? Thanks to our partners at Soulbound, we’ll be offering everyone who participates in the tournament M-XP soulbound tokens — and extra rewards to anyone who can beat Soulbound’s livestreamer @uhhdub

(M-XP is a non-transferable social currency that unlocks rewards and opportunities across web3 gaming. For more information, come check out our live Quests in the Discord!)


There will be two ways people can sign up during the sign-up period.

#1 — Join the dedicated Voice chat in our Discord and share your screen to our moderators. We will screen capture the pocket watch you want to level up and store it until the end of the tournament.

#2 — Meet with our in-game moderator @LilDiabloRIP who will be in the EU zone, Frankfurt server and share with him the pocket watch. He’ll take a screenshot and return it to you.

How to submit results:

You should submit the level of your pocket watch by 21:00 GMT on 27.11 (Sunday) in our dedicated Discord channel. Our team will additionally verify the levels with the top 5 players.


You MUST be a member of the Discord, otherwise we won’t be able to get back to you. Join here: We will share more details and send out reminders as the tournament draws closer.

We are very excited for this tournament and hope you like the idea! At the end of the day gaming should be FUN and EXCITING and our goal is to facilitate that process. Good luck!



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The leading permissionless on-chain gaming investment studio. All links here 👉