vEmpire Weekly Roundup, 22nd July 2022

  • Ventures team continuing to funnel new potential investments.
  • Opened a daily newsletter for our community to get daily crypto updates directly from us.
  • Producing and releasing high quality video content.
  • Entire team is networking to enhance our connections in the industry.
  • Almost finished the data collection for our report, the next step is valuations.
  • Recently paid out rewards to our stakers and DDAO
  • USDC pool is released and functional.
  • Now that the design is finished, we are in the process of building our new website.
  • We have now started the redesign of our staking platform to improve the user interface and make the experience seamless.
  • Community tournament has finished, we were met with a few challenges throughout that were due to participants not following the rules, but these were amended.
  • Have on boarded several new vEmpire community members through cross-project collaborations.
  • Waiting on the go-ahead from an industry-leading metaverse project so we can release our collaboration announcements — stay tuned.
  • Team is planning to go to more events to spread the word of decentralisation and vEmpire — Possibly Stockholm and Krakow
  • Currently working on various cross-community marketing initiatives.
  • Started releasing a daily newsletter to detail our subscribers on the most important crypto news.
  • The marketing team is colliding with our DDAO team to restructure our DDAO for better organisation, scaling and decentralisation.
  • This week’s TBCS was our biggest one yet, featuring some of the biggest names and projects in crypto. Give it a watch if you haven’t.
  • Going back to our roots with our brand tone and direction to ensure we are doing our best to fight centralization in the metaverse.
  • Our team is starting to post more content on our individual social media pages to put a faces behind the brand. The topics won’t just be crypto so follow us to keep up (link at the bottom).
  • Planning growth strategy for our P2E game ‘The Beginning’
  • We have gained several great new community members into our Discord and other social platforms.
  • We are aiming to make our community the strongest in crypto, that means we are going to start providing you with power and responsibility through our new DDAO structure. With this comes incentives, but more importantly, conviction, you will be a part of vEmpire and have impacting power on our decisions. Stay tuned on our socials for more updates on this.
  • Let us know what you would like to see from vEmpire.



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