vEmpire Announces SAND & MANA Pool Liquidity

The vEmpire team are pleased to announce both the SAND and MANA staking pools will have liquidity added today, which will enable our investors to enter and exit their staking positions at any time, without restrictions!

This is significant as it will enable investors to have instant access to their cryptocurrencies that are generating passive income on our application, so that they can trade and make decisions that are aligned with the current market sentiment.

If you’d like to continue collecting tokens on your SAND or MANA, follow the steps below:

If you’d prefer to unstake your SAND or MANA, press ‘Unstake 7 burn’ instead. And you’ll be given the option to either burn or lock 10,000 VEMP.

As a reminder, from hereon, all new staking pools will launch with liquidity from the get go, enabling users to access staking strategies without lock-up periods!

We have some exciting news about our upcoming staking pools, so to stay up to date make sure that you follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server.

The vEmpire Team ❤️



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