VEMP Roundup 17 March 2023

4 min readMar 17


VEMP is working hard to make sure we are creating the utmost value for our community every day. We plan to continue the growth we have seen in previous market cycles so we can rise to be the top gaming-based protocol.

Through consistent delivery, hiring great talent, improving our ecosystem of games, and staying true to our roots we will help grow the web3 industry through the gateway of gaming. It’s cliche to say, but we’re focused on building. Short-term price movement is noise and (mostly) not reflective of project performance. The market moves in cycles, but as we continue to add more value to the project the market will eventually realize the value of VEMP.

Business Development

  • Dom and Jack from the VEMP Team are currently at ETH Dubai, making connections with great projects! If you are attending, stop and say hi!
  • We’re currently working on onboarding some HUGE partnerships for the VEMP ecosystem that would bring even more value and utility to the project
  • We have restructured our acquisition model to be more gaming focused! You will shortly see more games being brought over to the VEMP ecosystem. Even more value for VEMP holders!
  • We officially have 3 games in development right now! Warring Tribes, Antara Raiders & Royals and Penguin Karts, all top tier blockchain games coming to VEMP
  • Dom Ryder, VEMP CEO, is now on 3 different weekly shows in different areas of crypto! TBCS our flagship podcast where we interview founders and CEOs from other projects, Macro Mondays with Jake Gagain on macro markets, and the TRG the show where he talks to letter leaders of TheRugGame about what they’ve been working on to climb the leaderboard!

Project Development

  • Always remember to #COMPOUNDVEMP
  • Our new staking platform has been released! Check it out —
  • There may be more staking pools coming to the VEMP application, stay tuned on our socials!
  • We are currently in the process of creating a new whitepaper to reflect our new gaming focus, this one will outline clearly our vision, mission, games, platform and overall ecosystem
  • We have started the development of our own game launcher, this will be used to host all of our games within our ecosystem so users can have one place for great web3 gaming experiences.
  • We currently run daily threads on our Twitter detailing the industries news! Check it out on our Twitter!
  • Every Friday we host a ‘Crypto & Coffee’ segment in our Telegram where our community can chat directly with the VEMP team, come along on Friday at 3PM UTC to chill!
  • VEMP was a trending top gainer on multiple exchanges last week, go check out our most recent Twitter posts


  • We are in the process of releasing playable demos for every one of our games! Make sure to follow the Antara, Warring Tribes and Penguin Karts’ Twitters to keep updated on their release!
  • We will be sharing some sneak peeks of the development of our games very shortly, huge progress is being made on our in-game marketplace for Warring Tribes!
  • Currently working with partners to make the onboarding process for Web3 gamers as frictionless as possible, with only a few clicks to log on and play!
  • Our game launcher will host not only all of the games we produce but also high-quality games that we invest in or strategically partner with, our goal is to create an all-in-one launcher for all gamers to use!


  • We have recently created a VEMP Gaming Guilds Twitter to organize and produce content around our guild side, Follow at @vempgg
  • Our discord and telegram are filled with friendly and knowledgeable people to help you better understand vEmpire, join and become a part of our community!
  • Our Discord has been updated! Go over to our channel to chat about the metaverse and gaming side of crypto. Here, you can talk to industry experts about play-2-earn, professional streaming, NFTs, guilds, and much more around web3 gaming! Increase your security, ownership, and control by joining web3 communities!
  • We are running regular tournaments on a range of web3 games, hop into our Discord to find out more on how you can join and win $ prizes!!!
  • Our guild currently has over 500 active members, if you want to join the team, hop in and get involved!

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