The Ultimate Beginners Guide To vEmpire DDAO 🏆

5 min readApr 5, 2022

With the recent influx of users, we’ve created a quick introductory guide to help new investors better understand vEmpire so they can take advantage of everything that we have to offer.

What is vEmpire

vEmpire is the largest Decentralized Metaverse investment organization, featuring industry leading staking pools, play-to-earn games, events organization and a P2E and GameFi focused incubator.

We are the first application that enables investors to earn interest on their Metaverse cryptocurrency holdings, paying yields in both VEMP and the original token staked. To date, we’ve had over $55 Million worth of Metaverse tokens staked onto our platform.

On top of this, we’re the largest decentralized virtual real estate owner within the cryptocurrency industry, and our first mover advantage has enabled us to purchase assets and virtual real estate in prime locations on some of the largest and most used Metaverse platforms in the industry. This has led us to owning Metaverse assets at an entry price of roughly 90% below current market value!

You can check out our 2021 Q4 Financial Report to find out more about our investments and asset performance here.

What is the vEmpire DDAO

The DDAO is our more democratic version of a decentralized autonomous organization. When an investor holds, and stakes, our native token $VEMP, they will receive xVEMP which will represent their share in our DDAO. Our new model for DAOs is a fairer system which rewards honor and loyalty in a more equal measure than sheer monetary contribution alone.

Whereas a normal DAO is measured by monetary amounts held in a wallet as a vote share, a DDAO is done as one vote per wallet above a certain amount. This means that whether you have ten thousand tokens or ten million tokens, your vote matters equally.

Belonging to the vEmpire DDAO provides a way for the community to collectively access investment opportunities that would be out of reach for the average investor individually. This is because whatever the DDAO owns, its users essentially have fractional ownership too. This means that we are able to lower the barrier to entry for Metaverse investment and unlock pools of capital that would otherwise not be available.

What is VEMP, xVEMP and xsVEMP

As previously stated, $VEMP is our native token that can be traded publicly. It can be staked in exchange for xVEMP or xsVEMP, both of which have different use cases within vEmpire’s ecosystem. VEMP can also be used as a way to generate passive income, as when it is staked for xVEMP it earns interest that can be compounded via continual staking. xVEMP is used to represent an investor’s stake in the DDAO. xsVEMP is used as an in-game currency for our play-to-earn trading card game “vEmpire: The Beginning”. xVEMP and xsVEMP cannot be traded publicly. They are only able to be exchanged for VEMP via our native applications. This means that if an investor wants to participate in vEmpire’s ecosystem, whether that’s via the DDAO or as a gamer, they will first need VEMP.

Where can you buy VEMP

Currently users can buy VEMP on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and Bittrex. While VEMP can be used on other chains, like the BNB Chain for example, we recommend that all investors use the Ethereum network, MetaMask and Uniswap to interact with VEMP.

Staking VEMP and other Metaverse tokens

As previously mentioned, VEMP can be staked in exchange for xVEMP and to earn passive income. But vEmpire also enables investors to earn interest on their other Metaverse cryptocurrencies too. Currently, our staking applications have pools for ETH, BNB, MANA, SAND, STARL, ASX and APE.

Previously, our staking pools had an initial lock up requirement of six-to-twelve months in order to build up a mature portfolio of liquid assets. However now all vEmpire pools have added liquidity, enabling investors to jump in and out at any time and there will be no lock up requirements for new pools going forward. This is significant as it will enable investors that have shorter investment horizons to earn passive income on their cryptocurrencies, which will help to introduce a new demographic of investors to vEmpire’s staking application.

vEmpire’s staking applications also pay dual yield interest, both in VEMP and the original token staked. The primary and first-to-be-released rewards for staking are paid out in VEMP. Once the secondary yields are active, the yield paid in the token originally staked, the VEMP rewards are marginally reduced.

This unique dual yield structure enables investors to earn interest on their favorite Metaverse cryptocurrency holdings and also receive VEMP, at the same time, which provides multiple benefits for Metaverse-focused investors.

You can read an in-depth guide on how to stake VEMP here and how to stake other Metaverse cryptocurrencies here.

Official vEmpire NFTs

vEmpire currently has two separate NFT series. Our first series, titled “The Founding Soldiers”, is hosted on the Ethereum network and they provide in-game advantages when playing “vEmpire: The Beginning”. Our second series, titled “The Plebeian Council” is hosted on the BNB Chain and it provides passive income opportunities via the game fees generated from “The Beginning” when staked. You can purchase a Founding Soldier NFT here and you can mint a Pleb here.

The whitelist round for our Plebeian Council mint begins at 13:00 PM UTC on the 7th of April and the public sale begins at 13:00 PM UTC on the 14th of April.

Play-to-earn Gaming

In addition to our play-to-earn trading card game, we also are developing other games with play-to-earn mechanics within The Sandbox. Our first Sandbox development will be a recreation of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and our second will be a third person hack ‘n slash based in Ancient Rome. These two developments are a part of our Sandbox investment strategy and they will provide new and immersive ways for the vEmpire community to play and earn.

You can find out more about our Seven Wonders recreation here and our Hack ‘n Slash here.

B2B Operations

The vEmpire ecosystem isn’t just for retail investors either. We also have business-to-business operations within the Metaverse, most notably virtual event organization and management and an incubator for early-stage Metaverse and GameFi projects.

As part of our Decentraland strategy, we’ve built the most advanced LAND developments within the entire platform. We currently have three virtual real estate venues that can host social gatherings, corporate events and large scale conferences. You can find out more about our Decentraland LAND developments here.

Our incubator is part of our “Ventures” strand where we provide early-staged investment, tokenomics advice, marketing support and a valued network of VCs and key opinion leaders to our investee protocols. This incubator will enable vEmpire to remain at the forefront of innovation within the Metaverse, GameFi and NFT industries and allow vEmpire to have a stake in some of the most promising protocols going forward.


We hope that this guide has been helpful. To stay up to date with our latest news and announcements and to find out more about who we are and what we do, connect with us on the following platforms.

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