The Metaverse — Is it over?

4 min readAug 4, 2022


Some think the metaverse run has passed, we think it’s yet to start…

Firstly, it should be established how early we are in the space.

‘We’re early’ often gets thrown around as a way of building hopium towards failing industries/projects, however, evidence shows that for the metaverse…

We are still so early..

With a proportionally small crypto market cap of only $13b we are yet to see projects become as mainstream as something like social media or web2 gaming is. We’ve got heavyweights like Decentraland and Sandbox, but even then, they’re nowhere near as mainstream.

Also, judging purely based on the current releases that edge themselves around the metaverse, we are not quite there yet in terms of fully functional, long-term tech or games.

Most games seen in the metaverse are of somewhat low quality, as they look at targeting early investors by portraying creative and big ideas but have a common lack of delivery. Of course there are a few exceptions.

The tech itself isn’t there yet, we do not have the computational power nor the capacity to create fully fledged 3D metaverses featuring NFTs and 1000s of users simultaneously.

This is one of the main reasons why we are not seeing explosions of value coming from this industry — because it is still in development and it’s still so early.

That said, it does not mean that it is out of reach.

Projects and companies are working hard to get closer to a place where we can have the capacity to deliver an ideal metaverse that is widely used.

There is an unimaginable amount of market share up for grabs and everyone is scrambling on how to capture a portion and the front runners have the best chance.

Thinking generally, the metaverse can be a home for gaming, working, socialising, exploring and so much more.

With that, it is not surprising we are seeing worldwide companies get involved with the metaverse and start putting their chips on the table.

To name a few:

We see JP Morgan value the industry as a $1 Trillion opportunity.

Morgan Stanley valuing an $8 Trillion Metaverse… in China alone.

Microsoft building their own Metaverse

Facebook’s rebrand to Meta with a $10b Investment

Not done…

Dubai’s plan to create 40,000 Metaverse jobs by 2027

You can see from these examples the giant opportunity that lies ahead of you. Brands and countries are positioning themselves to be the hub for this lucrative industry in any way they can.

We are early in the sense of technological capability and functional development, BUT we are not early in the demand for it.

As for us at vEmpire?

We are at the forefront of Metaverse investments and decentralization.

Our mission is to ensure that the power and control of an entire sector cannot be dedicated to a single entity, company, or worse yet, person.

We currently see this happening in big tech, pharma, food, etc. Companies taking control over an entire industry allowing them to decide, prices, who has access and who doesn’t. This is a massive problem that we must prevent.

We see massive investment businesses and tech companies begin to position themselves so they can monopolize the industry early, they are swarming in an attempt to make themselves a necessity for the metaverse to work.

Microsoft building the tech for the Metaverse is like the selling shovels in a gold rush play, and they know it.

We, as an industry, should be vigilant and aware that these companies’ sole objective right now is to establish themselves as the front line in the metaverse. Do we want to give them more power?

Our main goal is decentralization, and we should stand by that. These organisations do not need any more power.

Currently, we are the biggest decentralized metaverse, GameFi & NFT investment organisation.

We invest in new, growing decentralized metaverse projects to help them build the decentralized metaverse that users don’t want but NEED.

By doing so we simultaneously lower the barrier of entry for retail investors to gain exposure to the most sought-after NFT and metaverse assets in web3. By buying and staking our token ($VEMP) you get exposure to our community’s BAYC, Sandbox land, Decentraland parcels and much more.

That, most of which, would otherwise be out of reach.

We offer ways for the average person to earn from this growing industry in many ways, like, staking, buying our token or being in our DDAO.

Essentially, we are firm believers in decentralization, and we aim to enforce this dynamic by providing accessibility to the average investor through the power of our organisation.

We do not favor the traditional structure that we see in public businesses, we think the most optimal way forward is for the users to gain power and own their share of an industry that they contribute to (in any way).

The future Metaverse should be managed by the players and users, this is the only way we can truly decentralize and strip power from the giant corporations that have absolute control over all of your assets, decisions and technology.

A combination of blockchain, cryptocurrency and DAOs should all be integrated into the future of the metaverse to ensure fairness and power back to the people.

Hopefully from this thread you have learned something, or at least understand why we are so passionate about the Metaverse and its future.

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