Old swords… and new swords.

3 min readNov 23, 2022


This Thanksgiving we wanted to revisit both vEmpire’s old friends, and the new.

To those who have walked this journey with us since our beginnings, you will be aware that vEmpire became the first doxxed teamed woofable pair on ShibaSwap on October 30th 2021!

Before the Doggy DAO vote was introduced, to decide which pairs were incentivized on Shibaswap with BONE the vote was done by an 11-person group of some of the top “dogs” in SHIB. We were very blessed to have VEMP put forward by a very special person.

Shiba & vEmpire’s shared support in Ryoshi’s vision of decentralization made us the most natural of allies back in 2021. Of course, friends can drift but the respect remains, and at vEmpire we care for decentralization as much now as we did back then.

The words we wrote in November 2021 are as true today as they were a year ago:

“True friends are born through a common cause. A commitment to full decentralisation is the very best of them”

VEMP took this same approach onwards, partnering with great protocols in the SHIB ecosystem such as VERSE & F9 as well as numerous others in the wider decentralized ecosystem. Which leads me onto a very special mention to a protocol close to my, and all vEmpire’s communities' hearts.

Cult DAO

I was very lucky to be contacted by Mr O in mid January 2022 to be offered a spot as a Guardian. I loved the manifesto but had my doubts on whether it could get enough traction to be viable so to try and help give it traction I did the very very rare act of sharing it with vEmpire’s community. This may not seem like a big thing but trust me, to share another token in your own tokens community almost always gets you lots of grief! It is very lucky I did however as without it you wouldn’t have such amazing community members and volunteers such as Mr Cultmander, Yorkshire Brew, WastralWanderer or Carlton Bags. They aren’t as active in my VEMP chat anymore… but I will contain my rage on that matter 😉

In all seriousness I can state on behalf of myself and the whole team at vEmpire that the additional boost and exuberance from having the support of the Cult community has been amazing and has made this bear market, heaven forbid, even tolerable!

As a thank you and as a gesture towards both VEMP and CULT, as well as SHIB and CULT and our communities crossover, I wanted to create the first ever multi token community pair on ShibaSwap by adding $50,000 of liquidity to a VEMP/CULT pair, allowing seamless transition for our communities to cross over and intertwine. Happy Thanksgiving Ya Filthy Animals!

Dom Ryder

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