Introducing Warring Tribes, an epic auto-battler blockchain game for Android and iOS!

2 min readJan 27


VEMP Studios are delighted to announce the development of the newest addition to our gaming ecosystem, Warring Tribes. It will be a unique strategy auto-battler blockchain game that will be available on Android, iOS and browser.

About the game

The ancient world was a place of fierce battles and powerful tribes. From the Spartan warriors of Greece to the Roman legionnaires and Egyptian pharaohs, these tribes fought for glory, honour, and control of the land.

In Warring Tribes, players take on the role of a tribal leader, tasked with devising a strategy to lead their tribe to victory.

Select your NFT-based tribe carefully, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Will you lead a horde of fierce Vikings, known for their naval prowess and fearsome raiding parties? Or will you command the disciplined and heavily armoured Spartans, feared for their lethal phalanx formation?

As players progress through the game, they must make strategic decisions to use their earned XP and tradable tokens to upgrade their warriors and build elite units, such as the Roman Praetorian Guard or the Egyptian charioteers. Each tribe will have its own unique units and technologies to unlock, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

With epic warriors and strategic gameplay, Warring Tribes immerses players in the epic struggles of the ancient world, where only the strongest and most cunning tribes will rise to the top. Select your tribe and lead them to victory!

About the mobile gaming industry

It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to tap into the mobile gaming industry with the aim of onboarding new crypto users in the process. The mobile gaming market has been a driving force in enacting rapid growth in the global gaming market. According to Statista, smartphone gaming accounted for 45% of video gaming revenue worldwide in 2022. Total revenue from mobile gaming alone is on track to surpass 100 billion this year.

It’s an incredible time to be expanding our reach into this side of the industry, especially within our own category of blockchain gaming. One that hasn’t been fully explored yet.

We are planning to release the beta version of the game Q3 this year. In the meantime, you can join our discord for official announcements around Warring Tribes and information about gaining access to the beta version. It’s an incredibly exciting project that we have embarked on here and we can’t wait to bring Warring Tribes to the mobile gaming community.

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