eBay shopping in the discount season…

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3AC might be in more trouble than we thought!

MATIC comeback (or a Dead cat bounce?)

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🤑 eBay shopping in the discount season…

🥺 3AC might be in more trouble than we thought!

🪙 MATIC comeback or another dead-cat jump?

E-commerce powerhouse eBay has purchased NFT Marketplace Knownorigin

eBay — the online auction and e-commerce behemoth — has announced the acquisition of the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Knownorigin.

The acquisition, according to eBay, is an “essential milestone in Ebay’s tech-led reimagination.”

eBay announced on Wednesday that it has purchased the NFT marketplace Knownorigin.

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone mentioned NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and how the company is continuing to “explore various forms of payments” in February.

According to dappradar.com statistics, Knownorigin is a UK-based company with $7.8 million in total sales.

“eBay is the first stop for people across the globe who are searching for that perfect, hard-to-find, or unique addition to their collection and, with this acquisition, we will remain a leading site as our community is increasingly adding digital collectibles,”

Iannone explained in a statement.

Ebay’s acquisition of Knownorigin comes amid the crypto winter when many expect a flurry of mergers and acquisitions in the crypto business.

Just two days before the Knownorigin acquisition, Uniswap Labs, the business that runs the decentralized exchange (dex) Uniswap, announced the acquisition of the NFT aggregation platform Genie.

Three Arrows Capital Allegedly Owes Voyager Digital $655M

According to reports, the TSX-listed Voyager Digital is another company that has been harmed by financial problems associated with the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC).

Voyager’s management said in a letter to investors that 3AC may have defaulted on a $655 million loan and that it wants to retrieve some of the funds by the end of this month.

The financial difficulties of 3AC appear to have spread throughout the crypto business, and while some organizations have stated that they are safe, others have stated that they are suffering as a result of the impact.

Voyager Digital announced last week that it was having difficulties with 3AC.

In a letter written to Voyager’s investors on Wednesday, the business revealed that it was due $655 million, which 3AC was intended to repay in bitcoin (BTC) and the stablecoin usd coin (USDC).

According to the firm, Voyager owes 15,250 BTC and 350 million USDC.

Management stated that it originally requested $25 million in USDC by June 24, but now requests the entire balance of USDC and BTC by June 27.

MATIC Climbs 25%, Re-Enters Crypto Top 20

MATIC re-entered the top 20 cryptocurrencies on Thursday, with values rising by more than 25% in today’s session.

The token replaced FTT, which was added to the list when MATIC fell on Wednesday. ATOM also rose to a 12-day high.

MATIC was one of the most notable movers in crypto markets on Thursday, re-entering the top-20 list. MATIC/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.5145 earlier yesterday after hitting a low of $0.4042 on Wednesday.

MATIC rose to the world’s 18th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization as a result of this move, reaching an 11-day high.

Despite these increases, it looks that bulls are eyeing the $0.6650 ceiling as the next price target.

Overall, MATIC has increased by more than 25% in today’s session, with its seven-day average already approaching a 30% increase.

Furthermore, the 14-day RSI is at its highest level in over three months, having reached a high of 48.64 earlier today.

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