Announcing Our Community Whitelist & Airdrop For The Antara Token

3 min readJun 14, 2023


We’re delighted to announce we will be opening a community round for the $ANTT token!

Some very exciting updates for you all. For those of you following recent developments within our ecosystem closely, you’ll have no doubt seen the impressive progress made on the official game for the Antara universe that’s been in the works for months now. The game looks incredibly good, and we’re excited to finally have a playable version with you all soon. On that topic, however, as noted before, the game has been created with a well thought out in-game economy which is important to the overall concept. The core token of course is $ANTT, which will play a vital role from a utility standpoint within the game.

As such we’re delighted to announce we will be holding our community round on June 23rd at 12:00 UTC. Whitelist will automatically be available to all $VEMP stakers and Arabian Camel owners. In addition, the community round will also be open to the following communities and partners if they wish to participate:

$CULT and $dCULT holders

Bored Ape Yacht Club holders

NFT owners from NFT Media Box projects such as Monster Rehab

Falcon 9 NFT owners

$VERSE holders

$WOD holders

Bornless holders

Bigtime NFT owners

Those that partake in the community sale will receive a 40% discount on the public listing price and shall receive 5% of those tokens immediately at launch with the further 95% distributed across the next 12 months.

Further, they shall receive a 50% bonus on tokens on top of their initial contribution, as we believe in recognising and rewarding the contributions of our community members. So if you were to contribute $5,000 to the sale you would receive $7,500 worth of tokens at the community sale price!

For those also that fall short of the automatic whitelisting, all is not lost. You can still earn a spot by completing the following tasks;

  • Follow @AntaraTheGame & @VEMPStudios on Twitter.
  • Like & Retweet the associated announcement post for this Medium.
  • Join the VEMP Studios Discord.

Head over to to complete the above task.

We’re also excited to reveal that we’re planning something to mark the launch, which we believe is fitting for the magnitude of the overall ecosystem.

A total of 2% of the $ANTT supply, equivalent to a staggering $500,000 USD, will be distributed on the third month after launch, with 1% being sent out then, and the remaining 1% being sent out at the 6-month mark post-launch. $xVEMP and Arabian Camel holders will automatically receive this airdrop.

We hope that you’re all as excited as we are to witness this ecosystem finally roll out. The coming months and years are going to be very entertaining for all involved, to say the least. Stay tuned to our socials for more details to follow.

VEMP Studios & the Antara Team




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